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Comprehensive L4G Hellfire Patch Notes

Comprehensive L4G Hellfire Patch Notes
(Big Thanks to community supporter, krueger for compiling this list)

The following is a list of fixes or improvements made some time between May 5th and August 28th. It is a summary of all the patch notes that have been posted thus far, but it does not necessarily reflect every single change that has been made. There are numerous smaller quest/npc/item fixes that were not included in patch notes, thus they will not be included here.

The dates have been removed to make it easier to read. If you want the full list with dates, it can be found in pieces here.

1. Features/Improvements
2. Raids (PTR fixes listed here as well)
3. Dungeons
4. Pvp
5. Class Mechanics
6. Quests
7. NPCs
8. Items
9. General/Miscellaneous

  • Many crash fixes were deployed
  • Pathfinding everywhere has been re-enabled.
  • We made a change to player movement calculations which should result in smoother movement and reducing the known "stutter-stepping"
  • Reworked and re-enabled Arena Announcements. (Can be disabled using .account bgann)
  • Increased daily PvP reward: Now awards 19,99 gold & 502 honor
  • New Alliance players receive 100% mount w/riding skill at character creation
  • New Item - Welcome FAQ added to new character creation (Horde/Alliance)
  • We have implemented the blizzlike 5 dungeons per hour rule. This affects dungeons of both difficulties and raids - this limit is account wide to prevent abuses.
  • Item restoration for hacked accounts. More information here http://looking4group.eu/hellfire/showthr...p?tid=2049
  • Faction transfers have been implemented.
  • Increased server side view distance. You can now increase your client side view distance
  • Re-enabled pathing between waypoint nodes.
  • Gladdy addon should now work. (Thanks to Schaka!)
  • Reworked ingame account creation page.
  • Big changes to UnitAI: CC’d targets, depending on the mechanic of the CC, will now temporarily lose aggro (e.g. Fear)
  • UnitAI changes made for all mobs ingame: Significantly increased performance, now covers 400 spells. Included possibility to ignore certain spells. Currently: Maiden of Virtue - Repentance.
  • Many T5 SQL changes.
  • Respecc costs now capped at 20G, minimum respecc cost now 5G
* Anti-Cheat:
  • Improve Anti-Cheat System
  • Fly hacks, etc -> People will automatically kicked when they activate it.
* Forums/Website:
  • The ingame registration page has been updated. It now requires email authentication to activate your account before you can log in.
  • The "PLAY NOW"- button now correctly leads to the ingame account creation instead of the forum registration.
  • The Staff page has been updated.
  • Some new functions has been activated for the forum like the "Unread posts" button.
  • More changes to the landing page are being worked on!
  • Account Creation also create a game account again
  • Increased Login tries before people get a time ban
  • Implementation of email verification for all new accounts (heavily decreased gold spammers)
  • New Player "Welcome FAQ" re-scripted
  • Forum signatures are now limited to 140px in height. If it's larger, a scrollbar will appear.
  • ToS updated (for clarity)


*World bosses:
  • Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak should now have even more randomized respawn timers. (3.5 - 7 days after kill)
  • Doom Lord Kazzak will now restore 150,000 hitpoints for every player he kills.

  • Loot exploit fixed
  • Fixed waypoints for Bennett.
  • added correct spells to NPC "Ethereal Spellfilcher"
  • Cellar bosses were adjusted
  • Decreased several Trash Damage.
  • The trash leading to Attumen the Huntsman should now do the right amount of damage to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state
  • Fixed agro through wall pull on the way to maiden.
Content was re-tuned to a proper level. The following bosses in Karazhan has got their damage and HP adjusted:
Attumen the Huntsman
Maiden of Virtue
The Curator
Terestian Illhoof
Shade of Aran
Prince Malchezaar

  • Midnight should now always charge the player furthest away.
  • Damage of Shadow Cleave adjusted.
  • Moroes will correctly ignore a gouged player.
  • Adjusted timers.
  • Opera Event timers got fixed for all 3 events
  • Dorothy (The Crone Event) should not be melee hitting anymore
  • Opera Event: Increased stun chance by fire spells on Strawman to 33 %.
  • Opera Event: Big Bad Wolf is no longer tauntable during the chase.
  • Strawman ignite chance increased to a more blizzlike value
  • Big Bad Wolf timers were adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state
  • The big bad Wolf’s speed was adjusted
  • Timers for Wizard of Oz event (The Crone) were adjusted

  • Flying speed adjusted
  • Adds will no longer pull through the wall during the Nightbane fight.
  • Nightbane now spawns 5 adds instead of 4.
  • Effect distance of "Charred Earth" has been adjusted to reflect the visual state.
  • Nightbane will correctly ignore feared targets in favor of unfeared ones.

  • Adjusted enrage timer.
  • The Curator is now using its Mana Shield out of Evocation and Enrage, making the encounter much more blizzlike than he was before (reverted again - was taken out of the game pretty early in TBC)
  • Adjusted the HP for Fiendish Imp to imitate a prenerf value.
  • Immunities for demon chains fixed (horrify, disorient, etc.)
  • Netherspites Aura should now affect all people, not only damage dealer and tanks
  • Fixed netherspite portals: Player holding a beam at the end of the portal phase now also gets debuffed
  • Netherspite patrols his room now
  • Fixed Netherspite Netherbreath: Netherspite will now correctly face the target he is casting the Netherbreath on. This makes it possible to avoid it by standing behind him.
  • Prince Malchezaar: Axes now move on correct speed and do correct damage
  • Fixed a bug which was responsible for Prince not spawning elementals at all.

*Gruul's Lair:
  • Adjusted Lair Brute to imitate a pre nerf state.
  • Adjusted Gronn-Priest to imitate a pre nerf state.
High King Maulgar:
  • Fixed High King Maulgar movement speed while whirling. He is now kiteable during his whirlwind.
  • Melee damage retuned to a more Blizzlike state.
  • Olm the Summoner has received some adjustments to reflect a more blizzlike behaviour
  • High King Maulgar will no longer use Arcing Smash while using his Whirlwind ability
  • Kiggler the Crazed should now always cast Greater Polymorph on the player with the highest threat, and not randomly in the raid.
  • Timers for abilities adjusted to a more blizzlike state.
  • Kiggler now correctly uses melee attacks if his main agro target is in melee range.
  • Main agro targets now correctly, temporarily lose their threat while CCd by deathcoil/poly/fear.
  • Melee damage reduced to be more Blizzlike.

*Magtheridon's Lair:
  • Hellfire Channelers should be linked again.
  • Hellfire Channelers no longer bind you to the Mag instance id when killed
  • Trash patrols should now walk and be linked as intended.
  • Melee and cleave Damage reduced
  • Mind exhaustion is now a 3 minute debuff. 20 clickers will be required.
  • Channelers are now immune to stun effects.
  • Channelers' HP increased to a pre-nerf state.

*T5 PTR:
  • Many database updates for T5 content.
  • Many fixes to T5 loot tables.
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):
  • Fixed Coilfang Frenzy: Reduced their spawn timer, fixed the issue  that made them follow players onto the platform / not leaving combat.
  • Fixed Acid Spray of Underbog Colossus.
  • Fixed Hydross immunity to Frost / Nature dmg in the respective phases.
  • Fixed the visual of his Banish spell.
  • Fixed Whirl. Now correctly scheduled and not going off multiple times in succession.
  • Fixed Lurker Animations. Now correctly submerging / emerging
  • Fixed Lurker's spout: Players under water will now not be caught up in it, if a nearby player gets hit by it. Knockback also ignores resistances.
  • Fixed Coilfang Frenzy: Fixed the issue that made them follow players onto the platform / not leaving combat. (also mentioned above)
Leotheras the Blind:
  • Reworked timers.
  • Fixed movement speed while whirling.
  • Inner demon: Randomized spawn and reduced spawn range.

Fathomlord Karathress:
  • Fixed Caribidis's Cyclone visual & effect. Now correctly knocks players up.
  • Added "Hurl Trident" Ability for Sharkiss.
Morogrim Tidewalker:
  • Watery Grave, Earthquake & Watery Globules timers fixed.
  • Adjusted script texts.
  • Watery Globules now immediately engaging and fixed Aggro range. They will now select targets beyond 25 yards.
  • Added "Thrash" ability.

Fixed Lady Vashj:
  • During phase 2 Vashj now correctly faces her target and casts forked lightning in a cone in front of her.
  • Fixed Lady Vashj roots: She will now move away after uding entangle, and use ranged attacks, until the aggro holder is within 5y again.
  • Fixed Lady Vashj roots; they no longer break on damage.
  • Lady Vashjs timers were adjusted to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state.
The eye (PTR):
  • High Astromancer Solarian's Arcane Missiles now work correctly.
  • Void Reaver: Adjusted Threat reduction.
  • Timers for most TBC Dungeon Boss abilities were adjusted to match a more Blizzlike state. This will noticably improve nearly all 5 man boss encounters.
  • Ancient Lichen are back in both dungeon difficulties.
* Old Hillsbrad Foothills:
  • Increased Lookout Patrol respawn timer and Enhanced respawn behavior
  • Fixed (lowered) damage of Lieutenant Drake.
  • Durnholde Sentry and Durnholde Reinforcement were adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state
* Mana Tomb:
  • Fixed linking in first boss room.
  • Nexus Stalkers now dual wielding.
  • Spellbinders have now 4k Hp
  • Slightly reduced Tavarok's damage in heroic mode.
  • Many NPCs have had their AI, Spells and Damage adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state
* Slave Pens:
  • Fixed the levels of certain mobs which were higher than intended.
  • Ahune was removed.
  • Greater Bogstroks can now be sheeped as intended.
* The Botanica:
  • Dungeon received a whole overhaul in both heroic and non heroic difficulty. This includes among other things:
         (i) Linking of Packs
         (ii) Emotes of bosses
        (iii) Bloodwarden Falconer Group behaviour
         (iv) general NPC AI

* The Black Morass:
  • Trash Mobs (Wildlife before actual event starts) were adjusted
  • Time Keepers (spawned from using Chrono-Beacon) have had their health, damage, emotes/speech and despawn rules adjusted
  • Some adjustments were made to prohibit the abuse of unintended high reputation gains

* The Underbog (heroic)
  • Damage adjustments to almost all NPCs in the dungeon were made to reflect a more blizzlike state
* The Mechanar
  • Some adjustments were made to npc damage in both heroic and non heroic difficulty
  • Adjusted Nethermancer Sepethrea HP back to a more original state.
  • Both Gatewatchers have had their damage values adjusted
* Steamvault
  • Naga distillers can no longer be feared, coiled, etc.
* Blood Furnace:
  • Fixed a group linking issue.
  • Hellfire Imps in both heroic and non heroic difficulty have had their spells while enslaved changed to prevent abuses.
* Shadow Labyrinth:
  • Fixed Murmur's loot table.
  • Grandmaster Vorpil will no longer cast Banish on the tank.
* Arcatraz:
  • Dungeon received a whole overhaul in both heroic and non heroic difficulty. This includes among other things:
         (i) Linking of Packs
         (ii) Emotes of bosses
         (iii) general NPC AI
         (iv) Fix of Bob and his friends (Sentinels AI)
  • Adjustments made to entrance script.
  • Dalliah the Doomsayer now using Heal as intended.
  • Unchained Doombringer now using War Stomp as intended.
  • Sulfuron Magma-Thrower and Blackwing Drakonaar now immune to fire damage.
  • Akkiris Lightning-Waker now immune to nature damage.
  • Made it easier to single pull in the demon room.
  • Respawn-linking for Arcatraz Warder corpses.
  • Enhanced AI for Arcatraz Sentinel
  • Sargeron Archers has had their attack timers fixed.

* Shattered halls:
  • Rebalance for the whole dungeon.
  • Damage adjustments to almost all NPCs in the dungeon were made to reflect a more blizzlike state (both difficulties).
  • Kargath Bladefist now does slightly less damage in heroic mode.
  • Captain Boneshatter should no longer be executed before the timer runs out.
  • Fixed Shattered Hand Archer Weapon and AI.
  • Readjusted the damage done by Shattered Hand Champions.
  • Adjustments made to Warchief Kargath Bladefist melee behavior
  • The respawn time of the patrolling mobs in the sewer has been adjusted to 90 seconds.
  • The respawn time of mobs in The Gauntlet has been adjusted to 180 seconds. (From 300 seconds)
  • Improvements and rebalance made to the sewer area and to the mobs: Rabid Warhound, Creeping Oozeling and Creeping Ooze


* Alterac Valley
  • Both Vanndar Stormpike and Drek'Thar received adjustments
  • A bug was fixed that denied honor after Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm had ended. Now AB winning team earns 20 bonus honor, EotS winning team earns 40, loosing team 20 bonus honor.
  • Marshals / Warmaster were adjusted to present an equal and fair state for both factions
* PvP Mechanics
  • Uncontrolled Stuns have been reworked to share a DR as intended (e.g. mace stun specc and mace stun chance on hit)
* Arena
  • Ruins of Lordaeron are now available
  • Added Max Rating Difference of 250
  • After 30 seconds, max rating difference is discarded
  • Leaving the Arena before losing the game won't prevent you from losing (personal) rating now
  • Gathering one of the orbs for "Shadow Sight" will now pop the player out of stealth as intended
  • Some rework to charge ability within Lordaeron and Blades Edge Arena was made to provide a more blizzlike gameplay and overall better experience.
  • Tidal Charm is no longer usable in arena.
  • Announcements in BGs and Arena should now be in English

  • fixed a bug where spells did not go off when the target is out of range. We implemented a 15% range buffer so the transition between in range and out of range is more smooth to reflect a more blizzlike state.
  • Spell lockout on NPCs should now work properly. This includes Talents and peculiarities of the spell that was used to interrupt.
  • Players will no longer experience Dodge/Miss/Parry against Totems in both pve and pvp.
  • fixed a bug where Spellmods were consumed when the affected spell was cancelled
  • Avoidance skill: Pets will now receive 50% less dmg from all spells counted as aoe-spells .
  • Pets should now properly run to the target and attack it, even if it is currently out of his line of sight (e.g. pillars in arenas).
  • The hackfix for weapon skill ups was reverted. Therefore we implemented a more blizzlike skillup.
  • Both 15% range buffer and fix to consuming spell mods are now working.
  • Vampiric Touch, Vampiric Embrace, Frost Trap effect and reflect Shield will no longer make the player stuck in combat.
  • Sunder armor and Expose armor should no longer stack
  • Diminishing returns on Enslave Demons was reverted again as it did not work as intended.
  • Getting hit by any spell while drinking / eating will now properly interrupt you.
  • DoT's now properly remove stealth from the target upon application and not upon first damaging tick.
  • Ancestral Fortitude and Inspiration no longer stack.

* Warlock
  • Warlocks can re-summon a pet that is already summoned now as intended
* Druid
  • Feral Charge got its DR from roots removed and will now snare the target as intended no matter what
  • Faerie Fire casted on a stealthed unit will now break its stealth properly
  • T4 restoration 2-set bonus was fixed.
  • Lifebloom now blooms when dispelled as intended.
  • Combo Points should now no longer drop off if the finishing move missed or was either parried or dodged by the enemy
* Shaman
  • Tremor Totem will now pulse for the first time immediately with dropdown
  • The set bonus The Furious Storm should now work as intended.
  • Restored Elemental totems - working as intended
* Rogue
  • Slice and Dice can no longer be used in stealth without dropping stealth to the Rogue
  • Combo Points should now no longer drop off if the finishing move missed or was either parried or dodged by the enemy

  • TK pre quest is available in SMV and the attunement quest from Khadgar in Shattrath is now available.
  • The attunement quest for SSC is now available.
  • Daily quests in Ogri'la and Skettis are now available.
  • Reimplemented the Cooking Daily quest.
  • Removed ZA quests.
  • Removed L4G arena diamond from daily PvP Quests.
  • The Quest "Gauging the resonant frequency" received changes.
  • "Trial and Error" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended.
  • "A date with Gordok" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended.
  • "Massacre at Gruuls Lair" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended.
  • "Prisoner of Bladespire" fixed.
  • “The Seer's Relic" fixed.
  • "Lost in Action" fixed.
  • "Searching for Scout Jyoba" fixed.
  • The Event to the Quest "The Exorcism of Colonel Jules" was added, making the quest completable now.
  • Implemented 2nd netherwing quest again (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10811/seek-out-neltharaku)
  • Removed last netherwing quest before neutral (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=10870/ally-...netherwing) => Will be added again with Tier6 / Patch 2.1 release.
  • "Stopping the Spread" can be completed again.
  • Karazhan Pre Quest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd fragment guardian won't give reputation.

  • Storming Wind-Ripper now immune to Nature Damage.
  • Fixed Umbrafen Witchdoctor and it's totems.
  • Line of sight bug fixed for the following mobs: Ethereal Nethermancer, Dark Conclave Shadowmancer, Sunfury Nethermancer, Sunfury Conjurer
  • Mobs in Zangamarsh will kick less often.
  • Raging Colossus now spawning Raging Shardlings.
  • Lisaile Fireweaver - fix respawn
  • Slaves should now properly die / evade and despawn once their "masters" were killed (this probably needs more research tho)
  • Freezing Circle temporarily taken out since it doesn't work correctly.
  • Increased Colossus Rager spawn number.
  • Worm mobs like Crust Bursters should now be displayed correctly as submerged on spawn.
  • Neltharaku is now correctly flying above the Netherwind Fields.
  • Scripted Sunfury Blood Lord.
  • Scripted Sunfury Eradicator.
  • Scripted Terrordar the Tormentor.
  • Scripted Felstorm Corruptor
  • Scripted Trigul
* Nagrand
  • Boulderfist Mages now got their correct table of spells instead of only melee-hitting
  • Horde guards in Shadowmoon Village received their correckt weapon models
  • Some adjustments to the NPCs at the Elemental Plateau have been made
* Duskwood
  • some NPC adjustments were made
* Swamp of Sorrows
  • some NPC adjustments were made
* Shadowmoon valley
  • fixed some NPCs AIs, Waypoints, Texts and general behaviour
* Ghostlands
  • Several NPC groups have had their respawn time adjusted to 5 minutes

*(Re)Created AI for:

Arcanist Torseldori.
Legion Fel Cannon.
Felspine the Greater
Crust Burster
Haal'eshi Windwalker
Bleeding Hollow Tormentor
Honor Hold Gryphon Rider
Honor Hold Scout
Illidari Dreadlord
Felguard Destroyer
Nethermine Burster

*Enhanced AI for:

Mutate Fleshlasher
Shadowmoon Darkcaster
Dawnblade Marksman
Sunfury Conjurer.
Shadow Council Warlock.
Sunseeker Botanist
Bleeding Hollow Tormentor.
Unyielding Sorcerer.

*Movement fixed for:

Eye of Grillok
Fel Reaver Sentry
Mo'arg Overseer
Ironforge NPCs
Spellreaver Marathelle
Summoner Kanthin
Bimble Longberry
Unyielding Sorcerer
Fen Strider

*Rare spawns added:

Hed'mush the Rotting
Lord Darkscythe
Seeker Aqualon
Deathspeaker Selendre
Lynnia Abbendis
Speaker Mar'grom
Mekthorg the Wild

  • Quest rewards from all Outland quest should no longer sell for 1 copper.
  • Fixed some Items that could not be disenchanted. Make sure to delete your Itemcache and recheck first!
  • Ultrasafe transporter Gadgetzan was added into the trainer
  • Fixed some more Blacksmithing recipes that had wrong disenchanting requirements before (delete Itemcache)
  • Fixed some more wrong enchanting requirements (make sure to delete your item cache before reporting further "wrong" values)
  • Fixed Saboteur's Axe's sell price.
  • Increased Dropchance of Crystalline Key to 100%.
  • L4G Arena Diamant - Custom item from other realm deleted
  • Missing [Pendant of Triumph] was added into correct vendors
*No more 2.1 recipes available. This includes:

[Flying Machine], [Turbo-Charged Flying machine], [Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer],
[Tankatronic Goggles], [Powerheal 4000 Lens], [Destruction Holo-Gogs], [Deathblow X11 Goggles], [Magnified Moon Specs], [Wonderheal XT40 Shades], [Surestrike Goggles v2.0], [Gadgetstorm Goggles], [Living Replicator Specs], [Furious Gizmatic Goggles], [Justicebringer 2000 specs]

[Heavy Knothide Armor Kit]

[Purified Shadow Pearl], [Purified Jaggal Pearl], [Brilliant Glass]

  • no more 50 badges helms available

*Reduced sell to 1 copper:

item=17026 = x20, worth 50s - Wild Thornroot (Druid)
item=17038 = x20, worth 50s - Ironwood Seed (Druid)
item=17030 = x10, worth 50s - Ankh (Shaman)

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