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Maintenance du 01/06/15

Post Original Par Viper (Blue Tracker)

Here is our last patchnote.
We would like to thank all our developers for fixing these bugs, and address a special thank to the IsVV team, that verified all the reports that were made by our players, finding sources, and correct information.
    • Fix a bug where hunter could lose their pet
    • Addons should no longer trigger an automatic mute
    • A lot of crash sources have been fixed
    • Fixed a case where spell trainers could steal money from players when clicking twice the "buy" button
    • Fixed a bug in gameobjects pooling
    • Implement a knockback for neutral guards, when their target is on a roof ("roof camping")
    • Fixed skinning ninja
    • Implement anti-rollback mechanisms. When the server crashes, it now saves all the players online.
    • Increase overall server performance (now reaching 8k online players!)
    • Reduce delay on spells for the majority of the players.
    • Guards fighting Stitches now despawn correctly at the end of the event
    • You will now correctly receive chat notifications when teleporting between maps
    • Muted players will no longer be able to use emotes
    • Entangling Roots: can now be used on only one target, even when using different ranks
    • Invisibility mechanism: mobs / players will remain visible
    • Fix some spells critical damage (Frost shock for example)
    • Summon Tracking Hound: Summoned pet will now always be level 30
    • Autoshot: it will no longer be possible to target players without PvP flag
    • Howl of terror: will correctly select targets when there is more than 5 units around the casters
    • Righteous Fury: fixed an exploit that allowed to stack this spell under very precise conditions
    • [Turn Undead]: can now break on damage
    • Arathi Basin: Removed a NPC called "Herald" that could be seen in minimap when using humanoid hunter tracking.
    • Fixed a bug where a battleground could have more than the maximum allowed number of players on one side
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to escape the deserter debuff when leaving a battleground
    • Fixed an exploit where players could climb on roofs in Arathi Basin
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to freeze their PvP rank for a week (RP decay bypass)
    • Fixed server side delay on spells/movement in battlegrounds
    • NPC Thamarian: fixed gossip
    • Quest Verifying the Corruption: now available to horde players as well
    • Uldaman: Wiping at Archaedas will open Altar Keepers doors
    • Stratholm: Skeletons will not be killed before Baron encounter
    • UBRS: Fixed a bug where some mobs could be untargetable after the arena event
    • Dire Maul: now available on the live server Smile
    • In Dreams: Taelan will no longer get stucked randomly
    • Darrowshire battle: no longer possible to start the event several times (for different players)
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed to bypass instance reset limitation
    • Fixed server side delay on spells/movement in instances
  • ITEMIZATION: The following items stats have been fixed
    • Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer
    • Grand Marshal's Sunderer
    • Grand Marshal's Stave
    • Grand Marshal's Longsword
    • Grand Marshal's Repeater
    • Grand Marshal's Claymore
    • Grand's Marshal's Aegis
    • Detect new TP hack methods
    • We are currently working on an automatic chat spam detector (for gold advertisers mostly). We aim at making such an advertising impossible on Nostalrius Begins
Nostalrius Begins Staff

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