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Maintenance du 02/05/15

Post Original Par Daemon (Blue Tracker)

  • Added 2 Alliance Brigadier General that were missing.
  • Translate error message from french when entering the "Hall of Legends" without the required pvp rank.
  • Fixed targeting for pets / totems (should fix totems attacking some escort quests NPCs).
  • Fixed pet spells cooldowns with [Eye of the beast].
  • Pathing: big units should move more smoothly.
  • Bug reports tickets are now sent to GMs (instead of being reported directly into our bugtracker). However, you should use the bugtracker when you get a bug (https://report.nostalrius.org/)
  • [GENERAL] Fix quest rewarding after taking a quest item from the bank.
  • [GENERAL] Do not allow quest rewarding without enough place in your bags (prevents item loss).
  • The lvl 16 alliance rogue quest [Horns of Nez'ra] has been added to the game, this quest reward 10 [Thistle Tea].
  • [The Darkstone Tablet]: The object has been added to the game.
  • [Frostsaber Provisions]: Chillwind & Shardtooth Meat drop rate has been reduced to 30%.
  • [Precarious Predicament]: Grark Lorkrub will no longer run faster than a player.
  • [The Prodigal Lich Returns]: An event will now happen when the quest has been completed.
  • [The Stones That Bind Us]: It is now possible to kill the mobs by breaking the corresponding stones.
  • [The Final Tablets]: Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet has been added behind Vosh'gajin in LBRS.
  • [Princess Must Die!]: The quest is no longer elite, Princess now respawn with her both adds.
  • [You Are Rakh'likh, Demon]: Razelikh the defiler's add now despawn when boss reset.
  • The following NPCs are now only visible by dead players:
    • Frandorn Forgewright
    • Gaeriyan
  • Deadmines
    • Goblin no longer summon more than 1 robot.
  • Scholomance
    • Doors in Gandling room now reopen when the corresponding mobs have been killed.
  • Arathi Basin
    • Priest under [Spirit of redemption] will no longer be able to capture flags.
  • Stratholme
    • Some french texts have been translated in English.
    • Cannon Master Willey's Crimson Rifleman position fix.
  • Uldaman
    • Archaedas should only aggro adds that are inside the room.
  • Blackrock Depth
    • Fixed Magnus door under some cases.
  • Kazzak
    • Fixed bugs reported by guilds (not available on the live server yet).
  • LBRS
    • Halycon now spawns Gizrul at her death.
  • Fix stacking of crowd control spells (fear + sheep ...).
  • Fixed Blessing of Light stacking with self.
  • Removed LoS on a ton of small terrain objects.
  • Added LoS check before spell launch for some spells targeting pets (Bestial Wrath and similar spells).
  • Net-o-matic: Fixed a bug that could cause players to get stuck in a net at login.
  • Discombobulator Ray: will now correctly dismount players.
  • If the item roll winner has a full inventory, the item is still locked for the player on the corresponding corpse.
  • Pickpocket looted money is no longer shared with party members.
  • Low level herbs number has been increased (peacebloom, silverleaf, earthroot).
  • The following spells can now be learned for free.
    • Heavy Mageweave Bandage
    • Runecloth Bandage
    • Heavy Runecloth Bandage
The honor system has been reworked to match the PvP honor system on vanilla retail. None of the following changes are custom, they are all Blizzlike. We tested these changes under a lot of situation, but bugs still may occur. In that case, please report it on the bugtracker.
We hope that these changes will reduce the number of level 60 gankers in 48-59 pexing areas, and encourage a more fairplay environment.

Honorable Kill:
killing a player character within your XP range, i.e. a character whose name is colored (green to red), not grey. There are several factors influencing the Honor value of such a kill:
  • Your victim's level: killing a level 60 character gives more Honor than killing a level 50 character. Killing a "grey" player gives no Honor.
  • Group or raid:
    killing while in a group or raid will share the Honor among team members in the same way as XP, with the exception of the raid penalty on XP not being applied to Honor. Lower level members will get a smaller portion than the higher level ones.
    • kills made in a group or raid still count towards your subsequent kills penalty. Members of the group or raid group will not receive honor points if they are too far away from the group member who got the kill, much like earning XP.
  • You or your team or raid's contribution to the kill:
    each solo character, group or raid participating in the kill gets their share of the Honor. The share is roughly equal to the percentage of damage inflicted to kill the target.
    • If an opponent does not receive any damage for one minute the record of who contributed to killing him is wiped clean. Thus, even if you come upon a lone enemy someone else might have fought him (and lost) recently and you might not get the full share of Honor for killing him.
    • Monsters and NPCs take their part too. If you jump a character already injured by a monster or NPC (and maybe still in combat) your reward will be smaller.
    • The opponent being healed during combat does not mean he's worth more points, only that it takes more damage to kill him.
  • Being present at the time of the kill: you need to be alive and close by at the time of the kill to get your share of the Honor.
Note: We applied pre-1.8 honor rewards at kill (honor per kill reduced by about 20%).

Our anticheat system is now quite stable and resilient to new hacks.
However, some players using bots remain undetected. These software don't obviously modify the client (no speed hack, etc ...), and thus are harder to detect. We have been working this last week on a powerful solution against these botting software (which are completely forbidden here, and can lead to account permanent ban).
A first basic detection solution has been applied to the live server during the week, and managed to detect a lot of players actually using bots. These cases were manually verified and more than 200 accounts have already been suspended.

We are taking these threats very seriously, and are working hard to improve the detection rate, to finally make bots a "thing of the past".

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