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Maintenance du 05/03/15

Post Original Par Daemon (Blue Tracker)

As requested by our community, we tried to fill a list of the changes we applied to the server after the launch. We may have forgotten some, so don't worry if your bugreport is fixed but does not appear here. Note that the release events kept us busy, and slowed down the developing team a bit (had to focus on new exploits detected, crashes, performance issues, attacks mitigation, ...).

  • Fix an issue that limited the number of online players to less than 1000. The realm is now lag free with more than 5200 online players [Image: icon_e_smile.gif]
  • Also fixed an issue regarding maps (LoS, pathfinding) that happened on the first hours after the release
  • Fix several crash sources - the server is now quite stable, and we are still working on it to fix other potential crashes
  • Fix some lag sources
  • The anticheat has been improved to detect new hack attempts we found these last days
Your server has also been attacked several times these last days, and we made our possible to minimize the impact on performance:
  • A player used an advanced attack to make the server lag - fixed now
  • A player found a way to crash the server, and managed to crash the live realm a few times before we fixed it.
  • And it is sad to say, but a lot of DDoS attacks from various sizes have been blocked this week (they actually had started a few weeks ago)
  • QUEST: Lazy Peon
  • QUEST: Deeprun Rat Roundup
  • QUEST: Curing the Sick (Alliance and horde)
  • QUEST: Pyrewood Ambush
  • QUEST: Book Of The Ancients
  • QUEST: Plundering the plunderers
  • QUEST: Protect Kanati Greycloud
  • QUEST: Free at Last
  • QUEST: Fix items drop rate for the following quests:
    • Are We There, Yeti?
    • Chillwind Horns
    • Hardened Shells
    • Salt Flat Venom
    • Wanted -Arnak Grimtotem
    • Akiris by the Bundle
    • Bloody Bone Necklaces
    • Split Bone Necklace
  • PVP: AoEs from a enemy player will never affect players that have pvp disabled
  • SPELLS/WARLOCK: Fix improved soul drain
  • SPELLS/WARLOCK: Fix Demon Skin healing
  • SPELLS/DRUIDS: Fix bear form hp bonus
  • GENERAL: Fix the combat bugs that were reported
  • GENERAL: Fix misc bugs that happen at character re-connection, if he did not logged out properly (flags displayed in warsong, some talents had cosmetic bugs)
  • GENERAL: Fix a rare visual bug, where some creatures were teleporting instead of moving normally
  • GENERAL: Fix undercity guards gossip
  • GENERAL: Fix quest sharing on accept (some escort quests)
  • GENERAL: Fix issues when using a transport for MacOS users (boats / zeppelins)
  • GENERAL: Fix some creature respawns (fixes Lady Anacondra for example)
  • GENERAL: Fix a rare case where a character could get deleted (happened only a few times)
  • GENERAL: Fix a cosmetic bug, where a player could pretend having more money than he actually have on the "/trade" window
  • GENERAL: Multithread some operations to be handle always more players
  • AUTOMATED TESTING: Add a few more regression tests
  • Fix traveling baker Kira Songshine in Elwynn path
  • Scarlet Bodyguard is no longuer skinnable
  • Fix quest level requierement for the quest Barron Aquanis.
  • Took out some gameobjects which shouldn't have been there in Dustwallow March
  • RESPAWN TIMERS: Some respawn timers have been adjusted
  • LOOT: A few loot tables have been adjusted to remove items that should not drop

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