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Maintenance du 19/03/15

Post Original Par Daemon (Blue Tracker)

  • Creature's default respawn time has been lowered
  • Drop rates of world drops have been adjusted.
  • Fixed PvP weekly maintenance: players with less than 15 HK should keep these HK in their lifetime history
  • Several optimizations have been applied to reduce server load even further (~10% performance gain)
  • Fixed 7 crash causes
  • Fixed 13 exploits
    We heard rumors that some creatures called "Unseen" are now haunting Raven Hill
  • Pet speed is no longer increased if the pet is far from his owner while in combat
  • Fixed pet spell autocast while in passive mode
  • Fixed health regeneration rate for hunter pets
  • Changed hunter pets default attack speeds to their Blizzlike value
  • Fixed wrong requirement for the following quests
    Engineering specialization quests:
    • Platinum Discs
    • Un'Goro Soil (Horde)
  • Fixed lighting shield proc internal cooldown when attacked by creatures
  • Rogue: poison's charges deduction is now properly working
  • Scarlet Illusion will now be removed if the player leaves western plaguelands
  • Illusion: Black Dragonkin will now be removed if the player leaves Emberstrife's Den
  • Demoralizing shout and demoralizing roar do not stack anymore
  • Spell Threat adjustment for the following spells:
    • Battle shout
    • Demoralizing shout
    • Demoralizing roar
    • Growl
    • Screech
    • Torment
    • Suffering
    Eva Sarkhoff will now give a Spectral Essence if the player no longer has one and tells you more about her awesome life
  • UBRS
    Drakkisath: Chromatic Elite Guards respawn when boss reset
    Gates from Hakkar's Room are now properly open until the event starts
    It is now possible to drop the 2 part of the Staff of Prehistoria required to open Ironaya's room
    Matrix Punchographs are now properly working
  • Schematic: Field Repair Bot 74A in BRD is now properly working
  • Schematics from Matrix Punchographs in Gnomeregan can now be acquired
  • Mining node: Drop rates of the following stones have been adjusted:
    • Rough Stone drop raised
    • Coarse Stone drop raised
    • Heavy Stone drop reduced
    • Solid Stone drop reduced
    • Dense Stone drop reduced
  • Attack speeds of some pre 1.4 weapons were previously wrong, this should now be fixed (do not forget to remove your cache)
  • Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber now use the correct mount model

Additional Note:
Please do not forget to empty your WDB folder to see all the changes applied to the server.

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