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[News] Karazhan - 10v10 - Ultimate Speedrun ;) - Feedback and Suggestions!

Karazhan - 10v10 - Ultimate Speedrun Wink - Feedback and Suggestions!


The team are excited to announce a new event we're hoping to host in the near future:

Guild Vs Guild Speedruns

Initially we'll be looking for two enthusiastic guilds to go head-to-head in a trial speedrun in Karazhan. The event will be hosted on the public test realm and each guild will be provided with 10 identical characters ieach to raid on. These characters will be equipped with pre-raid best-in-slot gear. By providing identical gear and raid composition our hope is that the speedrun will be more competitive. Enchantments and consumables will be provided.

Our proposed raid composition for the event is:
  • Warrior

  • Paladin
  • Priest

  • Paladin

  • Druid
  • Hunter

  • Mage

  • Warlock

  • Rogue

  • Shaman
This is entirely flexible and open to suggestions - we'll also be looking to community members to help put together suitable gear lists.

We plan to have one staff member in each raid on a Gamemaster account to provide an overview of the raid's progression. This will be streamed to a commentator who will be able to switch between the view of each raid and will hopefully provide an entertaining view of the speedrun.

In order to foster a competitive atmosphere we are hoping to provide a small prize for the winning raid. We were thinking of a small cosmetic item such as a the Dragon Kite () would be a suitable reward but this is all subject to your feedback!

We're super excited to share this idea with you, we hope it will re-invigorate the server a little and give people a really unique and exciting event to watch.

If you would like to contribute a gear list or raid composition then feel free to send a team member a private message.
Please post any feedback or suggestions below!


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