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[News] Open Donations

Open Donations

Dear L4G Hellfire Community,

L4G Hellfire Realm remains a public free to play server. We do not require any payment or subscription for our players to enjoy any and all of its content.

With this in mind, in order to maintain and continue to improve on the development of our server we are now opening up the option of player donations. We are looking for donations of between 5-20€ (approx $6-22 / £4-17). Your donation will be used solely to fund the cost and operations of Hellfire’s server.

At this time, no items or rewards will be offered.  However, upon donation we ask that you provide your in-game name in the appropriate field for possible future rewards. If you would like to help support Hellfire please click the button below:

[Image: SsoWmCP.png]

[Image: VCq22aQ.png]

[Image: UKHg6ER.png]

Many thanks, 
L4G Staff


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