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[News] Server Update

Server Update

Hey guys, Its been a while since we have released a formal statement / update.

Server Crash / Lags

    Recently I have been working hard to squash some of the main crash fixes, last night I found a potential fix to the main crash issue we are experiencing. At this point it is difficult to tell if the issue has been completely fixed, however we are currently at 7+ hours of up time. Once the main crash issues are fixed we will start trying to iron out lag. 

    Once we can assure the server stability (long up times) we will look into reducing the spawn timers for many nodes in the world such as Herbalism and Mining. We have spoken internally on how we would like to fix this, and we dont believe a flat reduction would help as the same people would end up farming more herbs. The goal is to introduce randomization of the timers, so herb spawns seem more dynamic. This will allow for general players to pickup Herbs / Ores without needing to camp the spawns.

T5 Release

3 weeks ago this Wednesday I had said that we will see T5 release on the PTR. There were some more important issues on the plate such as fixing the main crash + Fear / Charge pathing and a complete rework of the fear / root damage calculation that has pushed back the T5 PTR release by approximately 2 weeks. This does not mean we have not been working on getting T5 PTR out, we have done extensive research to collect information on Scripting, Health and Damage of mobs in T5 content. 

I dont want to give any concrete dates, as I didint last time however I feel a lot more confident now and would like to announce that if everything goes as planned the T5 PTR is going to release on July Wednesday 20th 2016. The actual release day of T5 is yet to be decided as we would like to announce this to the public and allow for some time for newer players to join the server and be able to join us all in the release of T5 content.


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