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[News] Unit AI changes

Unit AI changes

Hello L4G Community!

I'd like to announce a big change to our UnitAI that will go live on Thursday (04.08.2016)!  
This change will cause mobs to stop melee attacking players that are affected by aggro dropping CC / Buff mechanics, as long as there is more than one target in the mob's threat list. 

Detailed Explanation:
  • If you are the only target, nothing different happens.
  • If there is more than one target, and the current aggro holder is affected by one of the qualifying spells, it will iterate through the aggro list to find a new target, not affected by these spells.
  • If all targets in the aggro list are affected by one of the qualifying spells (e.g. AoE fear), the main aggro target will retain aggro.

This change will affect every mob and Boss ingame, that uses melee attacks. It will stop mobs from attacking, for example, sheeped, blinded or gouged targets (e.g. Moroes). This can be adapted for Pets (Hunter & Warlock), we need to investigate how pets should behave in this scenarios. Currently it is disabled for them.

The scope of this change is very big, as such there can be problems with the implementation. There will be an announcement before this goes live, and I will be there to closely monitor it's effect!

This change will solve a lot of different issues in one swoop, and I'm really looking forward to it Smile


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