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[Patchnote] Changelog 05.05.2016

Changelog 05.05.2016

Hi there,

with the next restart a few bugs were fixed.

- Line of sight bug fixed for the following mobs: Ethereal Nethermancer, Dark Conclave Shadowmancer, Sunfury Nethermancer, Sunfury Conjurer
- Zangamarsh - less kicks
- Raging Colossus now spawning Raging Shardlings
- Lisaile Fireweaver - fix respawn

Quests fixed:
- Prisoner of Bladespire
- Karazhan Pre Quest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd fragment guardian won't give reputation
- Searching for Scout Jyoba

- Arcatraz - First Mob Group
- Mana tombs - Spellhinders have now 4k Hp
- Gruul - Boss dmg modified
- Karazhan - Dmg modified
- Magtheridon - Dmg modified
- Slave Pens - level 69 and 70 elite mobs changed 

- Fly hacks, etc -> People will automatically kicked when they activate it.
- Improve Anti-Cheat System

- L4G Arena Diamant - Custom item from other realm deleted
- Weapon Skill Issues - Quick and dirty fix. Will publish a better one soon

- Account Creation also create a game account again
- Increased Login tries before people get a time ban
- Forum/Website is back

We also made a lot of small changes which we won't publish.


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Il vaut mieux mobiliser son intelligence sur desCensuréque mobiliser sa connerie sur des choses intelligentes..k?!


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