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[Patchnote] Changelog 06.06.2016

Changelog 06.06.2016

These changes will be live within the day.

* Battlegrounds
- A bug was fixed that denied honor after Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm had ended. Now AB winning team earns 20 bonus honor, EotS winning team earns 40, loosing team 20 bonus honor.

* Items
- Missing [Pendant of Triumph] was added into correct vendors

* Karazhan
- Big Bad Wolf timers were adjusted to reflect a more blizzlike state

* Quests
- "Trial and Error" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended
- "A date with Gordok" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended
- "Massacre at Gruuls Lair" can now be accepted regardless of race as intended

* Gruul's lair
- Olm the Summoner has received some adjustments to reflect a more blizzlike behaviour

* Hunter / Warlocks
- Avoidance skill: Pets will now receive 50% less dmg from all spells counted as aoe-spells

* Spell mechanics
- fixed a bug where spells did not go off when the target is out of range. We implemented a 15% range buffer so the transition between in range and out of range is more smooth to reflect a more blizzlike state
- Pets should now properly run to the target and attack it, even if it's currently out of his line of sight (e.g. pillars in arenas)
- Players will no longer experience Dodge/Miss/Parry against Totems in both pve and pvp


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