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[Patchnote] Changelog 1 Aug - 7 Aug

Changelog week 31 (31/7 - 7/8)

Old Hillsbrad Foothills:
  • Increased Lookout Patrol Respawntimer and Enhanced Respawnbehavior
  •  now using  as intended.
  •  now using  as intended.
  •  and  now immune to fire damage.
  •  now immune to nature damage.
  • Made it easier to single pull in the demon room.
Shattered halls:
  • Rebalance for the whole dungeon. (Normal and heroic) Still ongoing, no point in posting exact numbers at this time.
  • Decreased several Trash Damage. (Exact values here:  no longer binds you to the instance id when killed.
  • Fixed  movement.
  • Starter item as suggested here. (Not released yet, almost done!) .
  • Forum signatures are now limited to 140px in height. If it's larger, a scrollbar will appear.
  • Timers for a lot of TBC Dungeon Bosses were adjusted to match a more Blizzlike state.
  • Many database updates for T5 content.
  • Corrected some low level item dropchances.

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