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[Patchnote] Changelog 12.06.2016 - 14.06.2016

Changelog 12.06.2016 - 14.06.2016

These changes are all live - sorry for not providing a splitted log this time, RL is quite busy for me atm. You may be asking why I write changes in content that ain't available to you yet? We want to be as transparent with our changes as possible as we don't like the idea of ninja / stealth changes.

* Karazhan
- Nightbane is gonna spawn 5 adds instead of 4 now
- The trash leading to Attumen the Huntsman should now do the right amount of damage to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state

* Serpentshrine Caverns
- Lady Vashjs timers were adjusted to reflect a higher challenge and more blizzlike state

* Items
- fixed some more wrong enchanting requirements (make sure to delete your item cache before reporting further "wrong" values)

* Spell mechanics
- Both 15% range buffer and fix to consuming spellmods are now only and working (at least for what I tested this morning)

* Warlock
- Warlocks can resummon a pet that is already summoned now as intended

* Movement
- an update to NPC movement using Waypoints was made

* Ghostlands
- Several NPC groups have had their respawn time adjusted to 5min


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