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[Patchnote] Changelog week 34 (Aug 22 - Aug 28)

Changelog week 34 (Aug 22 - Aug 28)

Changelog week 34 (Aug 22 - Aug 28):

Shattered halls:
  • Readjusted the damage done by s.
  • Adjustments made to  melee behavior
  • The respawntime of the patrolling mobs in the sewer has been adjusted to 90 seconds.
  • The respawntime of mobs in The Gauntles has been adjusted to 180 seconds. (From 300 seconds)

  • Adjusted  timers.
  • Adjusted  enrage timer.
  • Fixed waypoints for .
Gruul's Lair:
  • Adjusted  to imitate a pre nerf state.
  • Adjusted  to imitate a pre nerf state.
Serpentshrine Cavern(PTR):
  • Fixed : Reduced their spawn timer, fixed the issue  that made them follow players onto the platform / not leaving combat. 
  • Fixed  Whirl. Now correctly scheduled and not going off multiple times in succession.
  • Fixed Animations. Now correctly submerging / emerging
  • : Fixed Caribidis's Cyclone visual & effect. Now correctly knocks players up
  • : Added "Hurl Trident" Ability for Sharkiss.
  • Fixed : Watery Grave, Earthquake & Watery Globules timers fixed. Adjusted script texts.
  • Fixed : Watery Globules now immediately engaging. Fixed Aggro range, they will now select targets beyond 25 yards.
  • Fixed : Added Trash ability.

  • Fixed .

  •  is now correctly flying above the Netherwind Fields.
  • Scripted .
  • Scripted .
  •  will now restore 150,000 hitpoints for every player he kills.
  •  temporarily taken out since it doesn't work correctly.
  • All Portal Stones can now be used at Level 70 too.
  • Maximized server side view distance. You can now increase your client side view distance
  • Toshley flying machine should now be flyable.
  • Respecc costs now capped at 20G, minimum respecc cost now 5G.
  • Reworked and re-enabled Arena Announcements
  • Increased daily PvP reward: Now awards 19g99s & 502 Honor
  • Implemented Master Mineral Pools for the Leftout Zones.



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