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[Patchnote] Changelog week 35 (Aug 28 - Sept 4)

Changelog week 35 (Aug 28 - Sept 4)

Changelog week 35 (Aug 28 - Sept 4)

  • Scripted .
  • Removed .
  • Removed .
  • Removed .
  • Fixed visuals for .
  •  no longer attackable.
  • Positioning adjustments for Ogri'la npcs.
  •  and  should no longer be hostile in any way.
  • Enhanced  AI.
  •  now yells on aggro.
  • Fixed loottables for Ogril'a Demon Bosses and Apexis Guardian.
  • Created AI for .
  • Reduced respawntimer for .
  • Correction for .
  • Removed npcs from ogrila which should not be there anymore when the zone is a questing zone.
  • Adjusted  speed.
  • Adjusted  and .
  • Implemented depleted items.
  • Released  as Skettis is live.
  • Fixed  target visuals.
  • Increased Max visibility distance from 90 to 180 yards. This fixes issues like the Flame quill of Al'ar: To the player it seemed like Al'ar was casting it at the wrong position, because the model of Al'ar didn't update due to the distance between the player and him being more than 90 yards. This will also fix similar issues server wide.
  • Set Internal Cooldown to Thrash and Double Attack Abilities.
Serpentshrine Cavern (PTR):
  • Reworked & improved solution for coilfang frenzys
  • Set SSC Trash to 2h respawntimer.
The Eye (PTR):
  • Randomized Al'ar platform movement, added 2 additional landing platforms.


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