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[Patchnote] Changelog week 40 (Oct 3 - Oct 9)

Changelog week 40 (Oct 3 - Oct 9)

Changelog week 40 (Oct 3 - Oct 9)
Changes can as always also be found on github: https://github.com/Looking4Group/L4G_Core

Blood Furnace:
  • Fixed a reset issue for Broggok.
  • Added missing Skeletal Gryphon 
  • Added missing Aran Teleport Triggers
  • Prince Malchezaar:
    • Fixed an issue causing infernals to stack on top of eachother, greatly trivialising the encounter. Be prepared to wipe!
    • Corrected the Shadow Word: Pain spell in Phase 3 to its correct counterpart.
    • Corrected a bug causing Prince's weapons to phase in and out of existence in Phase 3.
    • Added pre-nerf "Cleave" spell to Prince.
    • Randomized "Sunder Armor" from a 15 second cooldown, to a random value between 10 and 18 seconds.
    • Randomized "Cleave" to a random value between 6 and 12 seconds.
Serpentshrine Cavern:
  • Lady Vashj: Mindcontrolled targets are now CC immune
  • Lady Vashj: Increased toxic spores damage to 3k.
  • Tidewalker: Increased damage by 15%
  • Added temporary automatic Vashj bridge opening if all bosses killed to that point.
Tempest Keep (The Eye):
  • Al'ar: Increased dive bomb damage to 60k.
  • Changed Leokk's MovementType and moved his spawnpoint to prevent him from glitching through the cage.
  • Changed MovementType on several sitting Ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains. They will now sit still.
  • Translated vendor names in Champion's hall and Hall of Legends. #1087
  • Thrallmar Wolf Riders: #1745
    • Fixed formations.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Now moving at the correct speed.
    • Now dismounting when entering combat, and mounting on exiting combat.
  • Thrallmar Grunts: #775
    • Fixed formations.
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now only casting Dismounting Blast on initial aggro.
    • Adjusted HP to a Blizzlike value.
  • Thrallmar Peon:
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Adjusted HP to a Blizzlike value.
    • Now using the correct spells.
  • Overseer Nuaar: Fixed his MovementType. He is now pathing as intended. Also changed his spawnpoint to be the same as first waypoint. #2611
  • Fixed movement and abilities for Bat Rider Guards and Eye of Thrallmar. #1749
  • Mature Netherwing Drakes #683
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Now using the correct spells.
  • Swamprat Guards: #1301
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Modified melee damage to reflect a Blizzlike state.
  • Bonechewer Marauder, Bonechewer Messenger, Wrathstalker: #708
    • Fixed waypoints.
    • Fixed formations.
    • Now using the correct spells.
    • Modified damage, armor and melee swingtime to reflect a Blizzlike state.
    • The wrathstalker event that assault the orcs is now fully functioning.
  • Added missing Evidence Marker
  • Added missing Lightsworn Elekk Rider 
  • Added Some BT Pre Fighting Event Visuals and Reworked Outer BT Zone with Movement Scripts6
  • Added missing Wildhammer Defender
  • Added some missing Dire Maul NPCs
  • Added missing Ahune Event NPCs
  • Added some missing Skettis NPCs
  • Added missing Roloch Raremob Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Bjarn Raremob Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Hearthsinger Forresten Spawns(Pooling)
  • Added missing Spawns on Netherwing ledge
  • Added pooling for Netherwing Bushes, Netherwing Ore Veins
  • Added missing Movement Scripts to B11 Starting Zone
  • Scripted Nethermine Flayer, Black Blood of Draenor, Nethermine Ravager
  • Nethercite Deposit Pooling
  • Netherdust Bush Pooling
  • Nethermine Cargo Pooling
  • Prince Infernals
  • Zarcsin Yell 
  • Apexis Shard Drop

  • Greatly improved "Rubber banding" issue: Fixes Animation & Visiblity issues (e.g. Al'ars movement observed from far away platforms) for the most part.
  • Alliance and Horde Auction Houses have been merged as requested from the community and in order to make sure the market stays healthy.


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