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[Patchnote] Weekly Updates 8/8 - 8/14

Weekly Updates 8/8 - 8/14

Thank you to all the players for their continued support, ideas, thoughts and suggestions.  Even through staff vacations and busy lives, we forge ahead to make daily improvements with our server.

Weekly Updates Aug 8 - 14th
  • PTR Release - SSC closed; TK testing continues - closure imminent
  • UnitAI changes made for all mobs: Significantly increased performance, now covers 400 spells. Included possibility to ignore certain spells. Currently: Maiden of Virtue - Repentance.
  • New Player "Welcome FAQ" re-scripted and to be added this week after final testing
  • Increased server side view distance
  • Gladdy addon should now work. (Thanks to Schaka!)
  • Reworked in-game account creation page. (Click)
  • Fixed Karazhan Add through wall pull on the way to Maiden
  • T5 fixes / Heroic changes - All improvements noted in Changelog
  • ToS update:
    • 1.4 Account sharing:
      Sharing of account data amongst family, friends and flatmates is permitted. Trading, selling, buying and exchange of accounts remains prohibited and will result in a permanent ban, even the attempt will be punished with a ban.
To be implemented / Under discussion:
  • Auction House faction merger - remains under discussion
  • Dailies to be implemented/tested on PTR (hoping to add to live server in a few weeks)
  • Alliance new player incentive - 100% mount plus skill and 12 slot bags
  • Upcoming PVP improvements:
    • Option to leave in-game announcements
    • Static respec cost: 10g
    • PVP queue: limit 2 queues and looking to implement "drop on join" to eliminate ghost players
    • PVP daily: random quest with 20g reward and increase to 500 honor (currently 200 honor, should be 419)


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