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Post Original Par Viper (Blue Tracker)

  • Implement dynamic respawn timers (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5260)
  • Implement level based Chat restriction (to use world channel and whisper), in order to prevent spams
  • A few remaining crashes have been fixed. We have less than 2 crashes per day now, with still more than 6k online players
  • Fixed one possible exploit that allowed players to bypass the hourly instance limitation. More than 10 accounts have been permanently banned for using it.
  • Fixed one exploit in BRD where some chests could be abused. More than 10 accounts have also been permanently banned for using it.
  • 5 other exploits have been fixed.
  • 2 gold sellers and their corresponding customers have been banned.
  • Cancel instance "homebind teleport countdown" when joining the instance group again
  • The anticheat has been improved with information we got on detected cheats
  • Reduce by 50% the false positive anticheat kicks
  • Trelane chest now only loot a quest item
  • Cenarion Beacon will no longer disappear when you leave Felwood
  • The chest dropped by Araj upon his death will no properly loot an item for every member of the group
  • Jadefire Trickster AI reworked to prevent exiting combat
  • Harvest Golem and Greater fleshripper will no longer drop herbs
  • Windserpents and Raptors now have a correct attack speed
  • Pet dps have been adjusted to match blizzlike value
  • Pet speed should no longer scale with player speed
  • Fixed pets family passive auras
  • Attacks using rage will have no cost if attack is dodged
  • General improvements in charge mechanics regarding movement interpolation
  • Fix of most underwater charge fails
  • No more fall damage when charging ground target from the air
  • Fixed some spells appearing two times in spell book
  • Fixed Faeries Fire bug (talent disappearing when buying higher level spell rank)
  • Fixed some procs from Death Coil and similar spells cast
  • Aspect of the Cheetah/Aspect of the Pack: the daze effect will no longer proc from dots
  • : and Whelp Spawns timer updated
  • 's Fireball effect now trigger for a more authentic vanilla experience
  • : Fixed damage
  • : Fixed slunder armor stacking
  • Herb and Mining node have been adjusted to balance the server economy (this is subject to change in the future to preserve an economy as blizzlike as possible)
  • All recipes of items not present in the game have been removed
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  • More than 10 accounts have also been permanently banned for using it
grizzly ??! Big Grin
down legit ony sans KB de la queue lu !?