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Post Original Par Viper (Blue Tracker)

  • The "World" channel isn't player moderated anymore.
  • Fixed celebras scepter quest
  • Fixed Bootybay<->gnomeregan teleporter
  • Translated some remaining French texts
  • BRD: Moira Bronzebeard should no longer enter evade mode during combat
  • Fixed Uldaman Altar event
  • You should no longer be blocked in Stratholme, Scholomance, and BRD after a server crash / restart (opened doors will stay open, dynamically summoned bosses won't disappear, etc ...)
  • Molten Core: Fixed some bugged loot tables
  • Creatures will no longer daze fleeing players on full damage absorption (like PW shield) or on full damage resist
  • Fixed 5 crash sources - the server is much more stable than it was a few weeks ago
  • Fixed 7 exploits
  • All creatures should have the correct amount of attack power
  • Fixed an issue with disenchanting, that could allow you to earn 2 skill level while disenchanting one single item.
  • NEW HARDWARE: Thanks to your donations, we upgraded our hardware to a much more powerful server. Performance increase is about 20% below 5k online players, and much more over 5k.
  • SOFTWARE: A lot of work has been done to optimize the server even more
  • As a result, we improved the server lag by more than 50% when reaching 6.7k online players last weekend (new record Smile)
  • Shield damage (Thorns, Retri aura...) will no longer keep the player in combat with affected creature.
  • Fixed druid bear and cat form receiving double AP bonus per level.
  • Charge end position should be improved. Passing through target has been significantly reduced.
  • Fixed poisons charges going into negative numbers.
  • Attacks consuming rage will have no cost if parried. Rage is lost if missed or dodged as intended.
  • Warrior could sometimes switch to walk mode after a charge. This is fixed.
  • Recipe elixir of frost power and all related potion shall be removed
  • Onyxia head won't be available before Dire Maul release.
  • Consequently, head and related items/quests will be removed.
  • Same thing applies for Onyxia's scale.

If a server crash occurs, the epic raid-related items will only be restored if a message is sent to us which fulfills the following conditions:
  1. Screenshot of the loot & Full list of raid members
  2. Screenshot of the raid ID
  3. Exact date of the raid
  4. Name of the player who was supposed to receive the item
If any case is found which tries to abuse this system, strong sanctions will be applied.
C'est quoi le nom du serveur? Il a l'air pas mal et si je pouvais avoir une guilde ça serait top =)
(27-03-2015, 18h38)Gloïn a écrit : [ -> ]C'est quoi le nom du serveur? Il a l'air pas mal et si je pouvais avoir une guilde ça serait top =)
nostalgeek côté alliance, on recrute des chamans
Parfait, j'en connais justement un rayon en chamane =)
ça se voit !
Uldaman c'est pas bc, non? (c'est pas un dj en norfenfre?)
non mais tu parles pas du même dj que moi en fait
Non mais tu sais pas de quoi tu parle en fait
(27-03-2015, 19h44)Athene a écrit : [ -> ]Non mais tu sais pas de quoi tu parle en fait
il parle de "dj"

[Image: 1344965540-sarko-qui-riz.gif]

edit : mdr si tu cherches "dj uldaman" dans google image, y'a ça qui sort :

[Image: 266d1413986173-dk-unholy-dishtrix-uldama...-306_2.jpg]

un signe du destin? Je ne pense pas.
[Image: 6znjE.jpg]
mdr vous savez pas que dj ça veut dire donjon à wow
Si c'est l'endroit ou on va avec les wawa, les vovos en fufu, les chassous, les magos et autres a² alors je crois que je vois ce que c'est Smile
nn srx? jur wala
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