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Maintenance du 12/03/15 - Athene - 27-03-2015

Post Original Par Daemon (Blue Tracker)

Here is our patchnote for the last week:
  • ANTICHEAT: The anticheat has been improved with several new checks
  • CRASH: Fixed 4 crash sources
  • EXPLOIT: Fixed exploits reported by players (including "Beast Slayer" enchant)
  • GENERAL: Fixed a bug that could cause your pet to disappear
  • GENERAL: Fixed a bug that could prevent you from abandoning your pet on some situations
    Implement performance analysis logs, to be able to detect sources of
    server slowdown, and optimize the emulator even more
  • GENERAL: Fixed a client crash (=WoWError) when you have more than 50 auctions in the AH
  • GENERAL: Fixed a cause of lags when reaching 4k online players
  • GENERAL: Fixed some bugs with PvP mode with pets
  • GENERAL: Fixed honor gain for killing lower level characters
  • GENERAL: Limit number of characters in a guild to 300.
  • INSTANCE/Razorfen Kraul: Charlga Razorflank level reduced to 33
  • ITEMS: Removed some pre-1.10 recipes still present in the game
  • LOOTS: Fixed some green+ items drop
  • MISC: The server shutdown/restart message no longer says "second" in french [Image: icon_e_smile.gif]
  • SPAWN: Fixed some respawn times. Non exhaustive list:
    • Missing In Action, Keeshan respawn time
    • The Relics of Wakening : obj respawn time
    • Dead-tooth's Strongbox - elwyn warrior quest : obj respawn time
    • Ashenvale Outrunner : npc respawn time
    • Legend of Stalvan : obj respawn time
    • Elemental War : npc respawn time
    • Disrupt the Attacks : npc respawn time
    • Prospector Khazgorm respawn time
    • Incendia Agave : obj respawn time
    • Shipment of Iron : obj respawn time
  • QUEST: The Northern Pylon
  • QUEST: The Eastern Pylon
  • QUEST: The Western Pylon
  • QUEST: The Counterattack!
  • QUEST: The attack
  • QUEST: Mauradon Scepter (should no longer require scarlet cannonball)
  • QUEST: Betrayed
  • QUEST: Fixed engineer specialization quests level requirements
  • QUEST: Worn Wooden Chest now gives a quest item
  • QUEST: Pirate Hats Ahoy!
  • QUEST: Tooga's Quest (no longer auto-complete quest)
  • QUEST: The Thirsty Goblin
  • QUEST: The Tower of Althalaxx (Quest item drop rate)
  • QUEST: Raene's Cleansing (Quest item drop rate)
  • SPELLS/DRUID: Fixed enrage armor reduction
  • SPELLS/PALADIN: Fixed illumination proc chance
  • SPELLS/WARRIOR: Attack timer at stance chance now resets properly
  • SPELLS/WARRIOR: Fixed buff refresh
Nostalrius Begins Dev team.